Thermography Services

Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing conducts Thermographic fault detection services.

Thermography is used as a proactive diagnostic tool, which allows the detection of developing faults, before they cause system failure or worse problems such as an electrical fire. Thermal imaging measures the radiant heat pattern which is emitted from electrical components in systems such as building power distribution or plant equipment.

Benefits of Thermography

· Reduce likelihood of blackouts and system failures
· Reduce likelihood of productivity downtime

· Reduce likelihood of electrical fire
· Increase saftey of staff, visitors and customers

Cost Savings

· Replace only faulty components, rather than whole sections of a system
· Reduce unexpected maintenance costs
· Schedule proactive maintenance, rather than pay additional costs for emergency or unscheduled repairs.

Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing provides:

· Thermographic imaging using the Fluke Ti20
· Services provided by licenced electricians with specialist Thermograpy training.
· Record of testing for your WHS documentation
· Re-test reminder service
· Availability of after-hours and weekend services
· Repairs and maintenace

Fluke Ti20 Thermal Imager
Thermal Imaging -
Proactive fault detection