Test and Tag for schools, pre-schools and universities

Test and Tag is an important risk management strategy for all schools, colleges and universities. Large numbers of staff, students and grounds-staff come into contact with electrical appliances every day at these educational institutions, and it is imperative to maintain the electrical safety of all equipment on site.

Sydney's test and tag specialists, Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing (SEAT), have a proven track record at helping pre-schools, schools, and universities to comply with their electrical appliance safety obligations by providing test and tag services to AS 3760.

Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing's teams of electrical testing technicians are experienced in identifying electrical hazards at pre-schools, schools and universities, and taking action to repair defective items or remove them from service.

SEAT provides educational institutions with a detailed log of passed and failed items, as well as an asset management list, and a site electrical safety report.

SEAT's experienced team can provide practical solutions to electrical safety issues at your school or university.

To learn more about your electrical appliance safety obligations under the amp;S Act, click on 'Why Test and Tag'.

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Test and Tag for schools and pre-schools
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Test and Tag for universities and colleges
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